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1903, Windows 10 May 2019 Update Blossoms

As a #WindowsInsider, testing software means that as new builds get released a chapter in the era of testing is over - This is one of the most satisfying times that we can have as a Windows Insider.

With the release of 1903, one of the best releases of windows hits the consumer ring. Some of the best new features out there are visually pleasing with Light and Dark modes, functionally forgotten for far too long, Clipboard History, to being a testers dream with the Windows Sandbox features. If you haven't had a look at the new features yet during the Insiders build process, or want to review everything, have a peek at this post on the new features and functions added with every build. Being a tester as a #WindowsInsider its great to see every new build contain a nugget that would shine, somethings you wouldn't have expected to see until 20H1 or later, but actually come out in this release. Seeing new features that once you get used to using you would have thought why didn't they put that in there in build 1511, like the Clipboard history.

If you have not upgraded your Windows 10 1809 or earlier machine, and haven't seen the upgrade in your windows Updates and Security Settings, go here and start the upgrade. The only real errors or blockers that I have experienced are with having an external drive or SD card installed - Removing this fixed the issue and rerunning the install worked completely.

During my testing, the most fun I had was with the Windows Sandbox feature, essentially a containerized OS version of Windows 10 that lets test software in sandbox environment really easily. If you are an IT pro, or even someone that like to dabble, install this feature and test installing software, play with settings and experiment and learn, this is exactly what this is here to.

One of the most unexpected updates that I have seen in this release is the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - Even 4 years ago to imagine this would be baked into Windows was not easily within the realm of most, now its core, and with build 18917 we see a significate sneak preview of WSL 2 - To see this maturity come in such a short distance speaks volumes for the Windows Insider build team.

There are some many new features that I look forward to in the new round that its hard to image what will be rolling out, Stay tuned here and I will keep talking about the good times, how to smooth out the rough edges and how to enjoy the fruits of the new builds! Thanks for reading

Murray @murmanz

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