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21H1 is Here with more on the Way!

One of the great things about the new #windowsInsiders are the new capabilities that we have all been testing get pushed out into the current stream. I was just starting to build a new desktop to play with a new Dev build, but was interrupted...

Now with the 21H1 round, we mostly see fixes and minor feature releases, 21H2 - thats a different story! In 21H1 I have noticed a significant improvement on boot times on physical devices, its quicker and that is nothing but sheer goodness! I was hoping we would see some 21H2 features leak out in 21H1, but we will have to wait for the full testing of the 21H2 build and fall release to see these features.

One of the best things that will come out of 21H2 that we can all look forward to is the new look for Explorer, they have done some signficant work and it

shows when you bring up Explorer. New Icons are just one of the treats that we will see! We also get to see a significant overhaul of the Task Manager, that thing hasn't been touched since it was put there by Dave Plummer! Hold on and get ready for some serious updates! Until then get 21H1 in place, shouldn't you more than few clicks to get it in place, it took no time at all for me to install!

Quick Plug for the new content I am seeing in the Microsoft Learn @MicrosoftLearn - the content and Learning contains some significant information and detail about how to explore new MS release information or learn about a vast swath of products. If you dont have an account, get one! If you do, register for MS build, and there is a great chance you join a contest that gets you even more than just learning, give it a go!


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