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A great week of conferences - MMSMOA & MSBuild - Watching Both at neither!

Well the only building I did this weekend was in the wood shop!

Now this week I need to get building an updated app for OnTheWinSide - the new application will better show each Windows Insider release and build details - look for it, I had promised it a while back but it got put on the back burner!.

With #MMSMOA and #MSBuild this week I look forward to new releases of tons of new content, learning, experiences, new peoplw and some new builds! Two major conferences that I would both enjoy greatly are just out of my grasp this year, but I will be consuming lots on both.

ON MMSMOA, I cant wait to see the OSD content mature - in terms of Autopilot, Intune, but actually SCCM deep integration into spots it needs strengthening! I love to see the work done by the hard core Imaging and deployment folks. If you are a #WindowsInisder and haven't yet looked at SCCM, OSD, MDT or Autopilot, ask yourself why you haven't. Its time to step out of your current comfort zone and take the next step! You will be amazed at how fulfilling it is to learn how to lay down a tight insider image, integrated into your business build process, make everything work with all your business apps and come out with a shiny clean build that just works! I recommend you try it!

With MS Build I am out of my element - I am a terrible coder! I am on old school infrastructure guy, scripter that needs to move to the next level - and I think thats what I am looking forward to from MS Build this year. Last year when MS Build was on, I got a sneak peak for what I can dig deeper into and expect from this years conference. I know that there will be enough content in both conferences to keep me busy for while!

Now that I am done explaining my week ahead, lets look back at the past week, 18890 was released and a few good nuggets , some WiFi usability updates and some fixes for windows Sandbox - all of which I am sure they will be talking about both at the conferences! Check out the changes here. Also note that the new badges should be updating this weekend or early on this week as 18890 is the 3rd build in 20H1 Expect to see a couple new badges, I got my Flight Lieutenant badge on both my insider accounts, but was hoping for a Captain badge. Lets hope it shows up this week

If you are attending MMSMOA or MS Build please keep us informed of what you think the highlights are - I look forward to hearing from you!

Murray @murmanz

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