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A kick off to an interesting week - Snow, a new Insiders build and MS Build the following week!

That's right if you were anywhere in the north there is a great chance your backyard turned into the following mess!

The good thing about all the snow is that it should melt in time for MS Build next week in Seattle - for all those going I look forward to hearing your daily tweets and information updates, I will the home offices here and plan on seeing and installing a new fast ring build.

#WindowsInsiders build 18875 finally got an update to 18885 and has been smooth running on most of my machines, unlocking so of the 18362 stuck builds due to some issues. My one machine that has had 126 builds installed, Starts booting, and hard locks. Troubleshooting with all the usual suspects will be in play - SetupDiag for starters.

SetupDiag.exe is one of my goto applications that I use for troubleshooting Windows install issues, if nothing meaningful shows up, I start combing the logs themselves and usually end up with a nugget or 2 that points me in the correct direction. Having done lots of log parsing while imaging in either MDT or SCCM really opens up your eyes to how the imaging process windows goes through when laying down a new or updated os. If you are having problems or want to lean more have a peek at the Setupacct.log file in either c:\windows\Panther or in c:\$windows.~BT\Sources\Panther - there are a few other places. This file is gold mine that explains exactly what is happening to your PC while you are upgrading - Its a bit prickly to go through as there is lots of clutter but I am pretty sure you can wade through the mess.

Finding exactly where the upgrade fails, or what exactly happens during the upgrade is usually buried in this file directly or indirectly. Even if you are not having any issues, open that file within you favorite editor and have a look at exactly what is happening when you upgrade your PC, you will be surprised if you have never looked into it the detail that gets logged.

If you do happen to get 18885 installed make sure you have a look at all the new features that are ready to go. We start with some new Flighting rewards, found here

You can see they are a slight adjustment on the previous badges you may have seen in the last round. You will get your first badge once you install 18875 - It only takes one build so just about anyone flighting will get to the Flight Lieutenant rank. Make sure you go into the Feedbackhub and Rate your build by being as detailed as you can with issues you have run into.

Check out the new features of every new build within the Flight hub here

One of the things I encourage is for you to go through the list on the flighthub to ensure you understand what is new with each build and what you should be testing. Its good practice to ensure you avoid testing or reporting something that is already a known issue!

For those that want to get a better look at the issue people are seeing with the build, head on over the MS Answers Forum and checkout the insiders section or look within the MS Tech Community web pages and checkout the Windows 10 areas that you can get deeply involved in. Its worth putting in a little time to see what is build talked about!

One of the exciting things that will surely bring out a few great nuggets is MS Build, being hosted in Seattle May 6 timeframe. This conference is really a DevOps dream to seeing all the new features that are up and coming - Stay tuned in to the posts, you will be seeing lots - Thanks for reading and I hope to have an update later on in the week once I work out the kinks in my troubled build! Get installing if you aren't Already!

Murray Wall @murmanz

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