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Being a Windows Insider - The Actual steps to Becoming an Insider

To become a Windows insider its pretty simple, make sure you have a Windows Live account, Outlook/Hotmail account or an office 365 tenant account.

Step 1

In Windows 10, from the Settings application Choose Updates &Security

Here is where it all Starts to be a Windows Insider

All it takes is for you to click the Get Started. From here it will get you to link an account. Make sure you use one of your Live, Outlook, Hotmail or Tenant accounts -

You will get the following prompts to Link your account

Link your account

And the classic Select account option

will be presented and you sign in - If you choose your work or School account you can choose to become a Windows Insider for Business after the fact.

One of the common problems I have seen are people jumping the gun on the version and build within the Windows Insider program that they want to join.

Choose Fast or Slow not Skip Ahead

As of Dec 28, 2018 there is an option For Active development of Windows via Fast and Slow rings and Skip ahead. Even though there is a choice for the Skip Ahead option, it does not get you installing the Latest Insider Version of Windows 10. Ensure you choose either the Fast or Slow ring. The Fast ring gets builds roughly every 1 or 2 weeks, and is more subject to frequent updates, the Slow ring gets you builds less frequently but are usually more stable then the Fast ring due to the fact that they have been out and tested longer then the Fast Ring releases.

That's it, a quick restart and you should be good to go

Windows 10 will restart as usual and you will login, noticing no real differences as the build will need to download and install. Once you login, validate your settings in the Settings --> Update & Security options. If you choose the Skip Ahead you will need to change it here to Active development of Windows and select the Fast or Slow ring

This takes some patience (1 or 2 minutes!) before the latest build will show when you choose check for updates.

You can force the updates by choosing the Check Updates button but may not

show any updates available. Patience is your best bet, I have seen success in under a couple of minutes but may vary depending on numerous factors. You will know you are good to go when you see the following

The latest Insider preview should start downloading and go through the install process! That's it you are now officially committed and involved in the Windows Insider program!

Next up will be how to troubleshoot some common Insider install problems!

Murray @murmanz

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