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How to Troubleshoot a bad Upgrade - Part 2 - Lets Dig deeper

My Windows Hyper-V I have been testing software on failed on the latest upgrade to 18282 from 18277. Check my previous article

to see how things started out.

Rolling back the 18282 Install

Lets let the rollback proceed and do the first sensible thing any good ITPro does - Check the Event Viewer to see what went south! Good to know that the rollback worked perfectly and it only took a few minutes for the logon screen to appear - Lefts get down to some real sleuthing to get this issues figured out.

My gut instinct is that my software install is what probably triggered this failure and its time to check to see what it actually did install and change - Looking at the eventvwr will give me some idea of the error that cause the upgrade failure. Sure enough I get an error logged as event ID 20

Upgrade Error 0XC19001e1

An update error seen previously on the forums at - seems there is no discernable answers or solutions to what is actually causing this error!

Great lets go with my first instinct and uninstall the offending test software and see if this clears up the install (I should actually also be going back to the system restore point that I didn't go with DOH) - Uninstall complete - a reboot to make sure things are cleared up and lets go with another kick at the can for the upgrade to 18282 - 20

Windows could not configure one or more components

minutes later and the upgrade is going great guns - great this should fix the issue - NOT

Be damned if we are not at the exact same spot we were for the last round, even the same percentage - well isn't this just damn peculiar - well I have had enough of this, time to get my OSD troubleshooting hat on and lets get to some serious troubleshooting. There are a couple tools that you can use for this:

1) The Event Viewer (not really Helpful)

2) Download Microsoft SetupDiag utility to have it go through the errors in the "$WINDOWS.~BT" Directory

Lets see what that gets us

Download SetupDiag to troubleshoot Install Errors

SetupDiag Produces an error dump

Well Geeze, I don't have the debugger tools setup on this Hyper-V and I not overly enthusiastic about digging into the memory dmp just yet. Lets try this one more time and see what tricks we can try to figure out what is actually causing this installation to fail - Install runs and sure enough I get the "Windows could not configure one or more components" Error again -

Have you Heard of Shift - F10?

Shift - F10 gets us a CMD Prompt right on the Error Screen!

Now we are talking! Check back with me to see how I tackle the next bit of Debugging in Part 3


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