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How to Troubleshoot a bad Upgrade - Part 4 - Finding the Actual Errors

If you have ever imaged a machine with MDT or SCCM you know about Shift-F10 to get you to a command prompt, on by default, a lot of startup disks/boot images created with the ADK will simply leave it inplace. It is a great troubleshoot tool, some also say its a great tool to bypass security and get direct access to the drive, even being bitlockered. That is another debate that I will talk to in another article. Currently in this insider build it appears to be enabled, so lets do some troubleshooting. as well. One of the first places I check out is the %windir%\Temp directory, it usually has a nugget or 2 in there to help diagnose the situation.

Have a Look in some default locations for some indicators

Look at that, we hit paydirt on our first fishing expedition! This error has written a temp file with a little more detail about the onscreen error - lets have a quick peek -

Error 0x800706D9 - a little research looks like somehow this error is connected to .Net4. or Some IIS related item Looking at the ASPNetSetup files ended up reveling nothing. Ok, a deadend here...

Lets reboot, let it recover and try to fix IIS and or .NET.

Lets go into the Control Panel and Add/Remove some features for IIS and see if we can make some progress - I selected to remove all of since I do not need it:

Removing some IIS Features in Windows 10

This seems to be working out just great until I get the following rollback at 98%

Well, looks like we have narrowed down the problem! The problem is that the current IIS configuration will not allow any changes to its configuration, and when it does, it fails, outside of the upgrade processes. This confirms to me that it is not actually an install problem but a component problem that will not work outside the upgrade.

It appears that as the 18282 upgrade is working to upgrade some of these components, it hits a snag with an existing configuration that it cant deal with and throws an error and bails on the upgrade!

Its most likely these issues and not a problem directly related to the 18282 build. Time to figure out what is broken with IIS 10!

Stay Tuned for the Next Post!


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