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How to Troubleshoot a bad Upgrade - The Fix!

Happy US Thanksgiving and a great Black Friday to all As Canadians we enjoy the same sales hoopla you see on Black Friday, so thanks! - Now down to the fix!

Some of the more persistent problems are very tricky to address. Microsoft has a good troubleshooting advisor that goes through a multitude of things that can be done to solve the problem. With all the troubleshooting I did, I narrowed it down to being a DotNet 3 or 4 issue within IIS that was actually causing my problem.

Microsoft Troubleshooter Final Option!

I worked through many solutions presented on the forums to correct this issue and in the end the Microsoft Troubleshooter gave the best option, not the option I wanted however. In the end, my virtual machine was simply a test and completely Resetting the PC was the only solution I could perform to clear out IIS. I did everything I could and every time, whether inside the PC itself our during the upgrade, it would always roll back. If this would have been a production support machine:

a) I would not have installed non supported software - stay away from iffy Software!

b) Make a restore point prior to installing any software - get in the habit

c) if you get in this spot - consider engaging professional support - Chances are Microsoft Technical support with IIS/DotNet could have reversed my problem

d) Don't be afraid to toss in the towel and start from scratch - even if its a production machine. Chances that your machine is in an unsupportable state by the time you are done repairing is real. Just don't make the same mistake twice!

Goal Achieved!

Problem Solved 18282 installed and loving the Light Theme!

Have a great weekend and an awesome push into the Christmas Season!


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