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How to Troubleshoot a bad Upgrade - Part 1- The problem!

How your upgrade to the next Insider Build (Or release build for that matter) goes has a lot to do with the software installed on your computer, drivers and the actual hardware itself. All these play a factor in the upgrade.

Lately, while I have been testing as a #WindowsInsider I have tried to break things to see how to fix them(Attempt to fix them!) Lets start with this, a stock Hyper-V virtual machine that I have been moving along on the WindowsInsider Fast Track. Its been going pretty solid and 18277 upgraded without any issues. But here is where I figured I would test it out.

I thought I should test some legacy software I will be putting on a production machine (Camera software Dview) that will allow me to capture some video from my Dlink Cameras, not a bad looking piece of software - turns a PC into a control room PC. Install ~500mb and took some time and reconfiguration on the vm (Adding some components and features (IIS). Software installed, works, but is super slow, sure its a VM it will be fine on a PC!

Now 18282 gets released and its time to roll this VM forward to the next build. Download installs great and I figure to come back in a half an hour and I will be at the login screen. To my dismay, I end up with the following:

All right Houston, we have a problem here. I have not seen this error previously but something wrecked my upgrade and I have an idea it may be my legacy software.

Troubleshooting step 1- Uninstall your old software, reboot and retry the uninstall! (You also created a System Restore before installing that test software right!)

Come back for Part 2 to see how this turns out!


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