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Navigating #Windows Insider 18317 Issues!

Well being a #WindowsInsider is certainly not boring! One of the things as a windows Insider that you must be prepared to do is troubleshoot and figure out how to navigate through the forest to straighten out some of the issues that sometimes we run into on Insider builds

One of the first things PRIOR to installing a new insider build is for you to always review the new features and the blog settings and educate yourself on the known issues to see if perhaps you will run into any issues based on this. On my lab computers, on upgrading to 18317 I ran into this one

Update Orchestrator Service stops working periodically. A fix will be included in an upcoming build. As a result of this issue, you may see an error on Windows Update Settings saying that the update failed to restart. If you see this, restarting using the power menu in Start (“Update and restart”) should work, although there’s a chance that it won’t.

This issue has basically made me restart the machine in various ways, in 18309 to 18312 I was successful using the right click on the start menu --> then going to update and restart. In 18312 to 18317 I have to hit the start menu then right click the power button and choose update and restart for the update to properly take!

On 2 of my lab machines, one physical and one virtual - both connected to my Azure AD Tenant, I got to a point where my Azure AD user ran into this error

This error started showing up in the FeedBackHub and then was exacerbated within the settings application with the same error when trying to do some investigation within the Accounts - School and work portion. When I issued a reboot on each computer, the Azure AD account user when trying to login now gets a bad password when trying to login, even though the password is accurate and working on other computers. I am still trying to determine if I am running into this issue:

There is an issue impacting a small number of users enrolled in Microsoft Intune where they may not receive policies. Those policies are not applied and left in a “pending“ state on the server. The workaround is to go to Settings/Accounts/Access work or school and “Disconnect” your Azure AD account and then re-enroll.

My Azure AD Tenant does not have Intune Licenses as its just a Premium business Tenant but Intune still plays a part - @windowsinsider let me know that my error comes to "device information missing" which may align partially to the error in the Known issues - The device was joined to Azure AD and renamed after that which may leave the device in an unmanageable state in Azure AD. That being said to correct the issue I had to login with a local account - All your insider builds should have a local account as a fallback to a bad Azure Ad or Domain account - you need a way to get into the Device!

To get my Azure AD account back onto the device a full Recovery and reset of the device was the only way that I could accomplish this! Once the device was reset with 18317 I could re login with my Azure AD account and add it back into Azure AD with everything working as expected.

Being a Windows Insider is fun but it does involve a level of detail and involvement that you need to be able to commit to. You need to be at a point where when things go south you have the ability to recover with a local account or have a way out of your troubles! Do not be afraid to tough out the issues and wait on a build or to throw in the towel on a debilitating install and recover and reset the machine after attempting to fix or ask questions about your problem. You have to remember that as a WindowsInsider we help identify issues early and by reporting them and addressing them via the FeedbackHub we can make the overall experience better for everyone!

Tuesday or Wednesday this week should bring about another adventure within this flight and a new build! I cant wait!

Murray @Murmanz

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