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Network Connection in Windows 10 goes dark!

While we were on our Holiday this summer,

I got to upgrading a few of my #WindowsInsider machines while we were not out hiking. One thing I have encountered on a few of the newer Windows 10 20H1, 189xx builds is that after the upgrade is complete and the VM or physical machine has idled for a day or two, the network adapter goes to the Globe image, and shows that it is not connected to the internet - even though you can surf on the internet - there are a couple of FeedBack Hub issues opened in regards to this issue, I have found a quick solution to deal with it. While the internet still works even though the adapter shows offline, indicated by the globe on the task bar, you can still can't do everything you need to do.

Most Microsoft applications, like Outlook, O365, teams etc refuse to connect, even though its clear the internet is working just fine. My solution is as follows - there may be other ways that you can fix it, this has been the only consistent way I have found to correct the issue. Once you notice the issue, start up the control panel (the Old School Control Panel!) and choose the network connection that is not working, by choosing diagnose this connection.

You will see how it comes up requesting to do a Networking Reset, you will however need to run these repairs as an Administrator. Once your run the repair

you simply apply this fix, which will automatically restart your computer, be aware of this! After the reset of the network adapter, you will notice that your Globe is gone, and your connection is back to normal, all office apps function as they should.

Its a pretty easy fix and I will test a couple different solutions every time I see this issue, I am researching the powershell command to reset the network adapter and this fix should be very simple to apply. If your Network adapter isn't working on 20H1, give this a try, there is a good chance it will get you back and going! Have a great time at #MSInspire! I look forward to hearing from you!


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