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On the Eve of the MVP Summit wishing I could go..

As I watch all the posts and tweets about the MVP summit in Seattle this week, seening a couple of people I know attending, I was really wishing that I would have had my application to become a #WindowsInsider MVP endorsed and actually became a MVP. Well that didn't happen so instead of being in on all the great

NDA sessions, I will be hanging out in Regina, #YQR working on my next improvement on my program that gets you Insider information on your current builds. My next improvement will to get you information on the actual build itself, from the flight hub if I can manage it, though depending on whether the machine is online or offline I will have to make this work, so stay tuned. If you like my work and think it is worthy please let me know, if you are looking for something else in regards to being a #WindowsInsider let me know and I will dig into it and blog about it or I would be happy to speak about it or give a presentation. If you would like to help me get to the next MVP summit next year and think I am worthy, please nominate me to be a Windows Insider MVP Here. I appreciate all you support and keep sending ideas and comments my way, thanks. This week should be interesting as we will only see a little come out as most MVP's are subject to strong NDA's. That being said the Microsoft team is usually good about letting a few snippets out to let us all know whats coming!

Take care and look forward to a couple new builds coming our way this week, I can feel it!

Murray @Murmanz

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