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Spring Cleaning as a #WindowsInsider Build leaves our influence!

Now that we have helped mature a #WindowsInsider build through its life cycle, it leaves a warm feeling inside for me and the all of the community that have helped launched the 2019 May release - As this goes forward there are always what I call micro builds that have small but very necessary changes that were most likely identified in testing but didn't have enough

influence at the time within the Feedback Hub to bubble up -

In cases of stability and functionality these changes get pushed out. I am very glad to see how these changes are surfacing.

Specifically, since Sept 2018 I have seen a strengthening of the upgrading and servicing stack within the #WindowsInsider builds. More then a few times on previous builds I would see troubles or errors that would require an outright reset on the Windows Updates processes. This, for me anyways, has virtually stopped. To show the maturity of the Servicing stack, I have been testing my insider builds on 8 different machines, virtual and physical, and even I have started adding my Raspberry Pi to this mix!

As you can imagine a windows build, and an #WindowsInsider Build to boot on a Raspberry Pi is not going to be the best user experience! Starting at the beginning of my testing, the whole servicing and updating on my Pi was not even in the realm of possible, I would download an ISO and build it on the PI, do some testing and then when the next build came, I would wipe it and start again. Well in the last release, I decided to see if the servicing stack could handle the PI and sure enough, it did - I would say the @Windowsinsider build strategy is really maturing and with a little Spring Cleaning (That was me giving my Jeep a bath!) I look forward to the next round of testing that we are going to be doing, to the #WindowsInsider community, congratulations on a test run that has been well done!


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