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There is a Buzz in the air for 19H2

Today marked a pretty good day with the release of the much anticipated 19H2 release. This release was pushed into the slow ring and was a really easy upgrade.

Flip your build to the slow ring from the 18362.175 build and you get the 18362.1000 build,

the first of the 19H2 releases. There is some good info as usual on the insider site about the build and how 19H2 will be released only via the slow ring and that with the initial .1000 build there were only minor updates for OEMS and nothing that #WindowsInsiders would see different.

It was interesting that the release of 19H2 would cause a bit of stir on the web as @thurrott in his article here took a shot at @brandonleblanc about what all the wait was for 19H2.

IMHO it seems like the #WindowsInsider team doesn't need this negative spotlight, they keep delivering products in Fast, Slow and Skip and all of these rings are affect specifically by various external and internal pressures. Whether I get an insider build today on Fast, next month on Slow, or twice a week on Skip is not an expectation but a small bonus or a gift I look forward to. I love diving into a new build, kicking the tires and exploring the new features - Raising the bar on new componets is great, but calling the senior Program manager to task for not delivering an insider build within a specific time period serves little purpose. Chin up @brandonleblanc and keep delivering the quality and excellent updates you and Dona bring to "Hustle as a Service" - I look forward to every new feature and function and testing adventure as 19H2 kicks it up a notch!

Murray Wall @murmanz

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