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Windows Insider A/B

One of the things you need to be aware of is that the Windows Insider team is actively testing new features.

On my Live account My Settings is updated

This is done this using A/B testing where some of the features will show up for an active group while others will simply continue on with the same old features they have seen in the previous build. In this case on one of the Windows Insider testing accounts I use, my Live account, it has updated and shows the integrations and my picture (2015 vintage!) This is Insider Build 18312 - Lets call this A testing - I get to see the features. On another machine with 18312, with my insider live account, I get nothing!

On all my other machines running 18309 or 18312, using a different account, my domain Insider for Business account, I also get nothing,

Setting on my Insider for Business not Updated!

So I will call this B Testing - I am confident that after the right amount of testing is done this A/B testing will simply migrate from some ratio to 100% A testing with the full adoption of the new features - Looks great!


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