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#WindowsInsiders 0xc1900101 Issues - & a Solution (for my case)!

It looks like its time for a new Post, its been a while for me as I have been heads down testing - and a trip to Pilot the Millennium Falcon!

Back to work, so when relevant issues surface - its time to talk!

In following the Feedback Hub and Twitter, some of the burning issues for #windowsInsiders are encountering is the dreaded 0xc1900101- xxxxx

This error is a fairly generic catchall for a number of significant errors that deal specifically with hardware. There is a great list here for reference that talks about all the different sub types of codes and what generally it affects.

In my case I received the 0x30018 (Thanks SetupDiag!) on an older Dell AMD Athlon x64

processor I have serviced this old Dell through ~157 builds of W10 since the early days - Starting with build 14251! This device has been pretty stock and has run through a number of issues but for the most part has worked great. Starting at build 19041, the device would reboot and stop hard during the upgrade - this was fixed in 19555 with a specific flighthub item for ARM64 processors and this issue. After this upgrade it booted fine and operation turned normal again - Now with the 19559 build, again I am dead in the water, this time with the dreaded 0xc1900101 error!

Here is my approach to troubleshooting this one!

  • Understand the error I am getting

  • Understand whats changed with hardware and the build

  • Address the issue

To troubleshoot the error one of the best tools you can use from Microsoft is SetupDiag - this tool looks at your setup logs and parses out everything here that we need to get to the root of the issue - the specific 0xc1900101 error comes out as a 0x30018. One of the Microsoft Resources I follow on twitter let me know the 0x30018 is a device driver issue

- it stopped working during the upgrade process and that I need to unplug and remove all unnecessary devices - Since the device is about as stock as you can get, common sense should take hold here, maybe its a build change that has

affected this. The true way to figure this is to use a Kernel Debugger and figure out what driver is causing the issue - So is it time to go down and learn how to Kernel debug?


Or maybe lets look into what in this build has changed that may be causing this issue - One of the things I read about and noticed in testing this build on this ARM PC is that now Hyper V is enabled and INSTALLED, its all there! wow, not sure how that happened, but its all in the control panel, ready to go, I am pretty sure that wasn't there previously. lets try something...

And remove Hyper - V

from this Windows Insiders build 19555, perform the upgrade and Bob's your uncle I am now at 19559 and everything is working as advertised!

Upgrade successful, no 0xc1900101 errors

I am still planning on learning the Kernel debugging but in this one instance,

  • truly understanding what has changed, - run setupdiag and get your error code

  • being a persistent tester - look in eventvwr, logs, flighthub and see whats changed

  • leveraging some really smart resources out there - People generally want to help, especially on twitter

  • flat testing and retesting - Dont be afraid to break it, fix it and break it again!

This methodology has helped me solve this problem and move forward with documenting problems and possibly bringing to the #WindowsInsider team some actionable data to help chip away at this error in this instance!

Because it was the removal of Hyper-V that fixed this 0xc1900101 issue, I will try and reinstalled Hyper-V and the Network Debugger to see if I can truly see which driver was 'Crappen' out during the install, but thats for another day!

Thanks for reading and keep up the testing


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